Video: Jacques Auger’s Mini Kenworth

This little miracle is a legend around its Laurier-Station, Quebec home: Jacques Auger’s fully functional Mini Kenworth. Watch him drive it in this fun video. 


The dinky Kenworth W900 was created back in 2007 when Auger, the operator of a well-known trucking company, decided to build a miniature semi for his home town’s Christmas parade. The original plan was simply to dress up a golf cart to simulate a longnose Kenworth, but matters quickly got out of hand.  Enlisting the technical skills of Donald Gingras, he invested 2600 man-hours and $80,000 to produce the wonder you see here.

Power for the 1:2 scale tractor is provided by a 1.7-liter, three-cylinder Cummins diesel with a turbo upgrade, fed though a Ford Ranger five-speed transmission and Suzuki Samurai differentials. Everything works like the real thing, Auger reports, and at the annual truck drags, the Mini Kenworth humiliates full-sized versions from a standing start. Video below.


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